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Welcome to Tech Help Sunny.

We are dedicated to providing the most dependable and agile computer services. Our expert technicians & engineers provide service all 7 days a week.
All work is guaranteed & we provide Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for businesses with an industry-challenging 4-hour turnaround time!

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We care for our clients and deliver user-friendly service, priced per job done (contrary to the industry standard of high $$$ per hour rates). Consumers should be careful with companies that charge per hour fees. Our customers know the total cost, before we start working on your task, and there are no hidden fees.
With Tech Help Sunny, you will not pay a single dollar more than the price quoted, no matter how hard or how long the job will take!


Tech Help Sunny is dedicated to making your computer faster, life simpler & bringing a smile to your face :-)

FREE On-Site Inspection for Businesses & FREE Computer Guidance for Everyone

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 Affordable service! Protect Your INFORMATION Network Immediately!
 Discover the Power which Peace of Mind can bring… TRY Tech Help Sunny


SPECIAL ATTENTION for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, Students & Parents
We do not just perform the work and go away, leaving you puzzled with the changes & upgrades made to your computer.
We understand that no matter how long it takes, we must explain the details to your satisfaction.

1574R-01512BCommitted to Excellent & Affordable Technology for Everyone  

Is your computer too old or too slow?
Do you have random lock-ups or crashes?
Would you simply like to upgrade software or hardware?
Are you looking for assistance with some computer concerns?
A single visit from a Tech Help Sunny Engineer might set everything right!

TRY Tech Help Sunny to optimize your system.
Best Performance.  Fastest Speed.  Peace of Mind.


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